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The course offers a hands-on introduction to maintaining accounting records using software accounting packages. Simply Accounting for Windows (an integrated accounting package) and ACCPAC for Windows (the General ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable modules) are studied.


Building on the student's prerequisite computer and accounting skills this course will introduce students to the basic concepts of financial recording keeping and they will gain the hands on experience required to maintain the financial records for a business using software accounting packages.

The following is a general outline. The range of topics covered during your training is dependent upon student level, time available and preferences of your course booking.


Introduction, Purchasing, & Accounts Payable


  • Why is Accounting Important to You?
  • What is Simply Accounting?
  • Looking at the Simply Accounting Screen
  • Working with the Toolbars.

Reviewing Some Accounting Basics

  • Accounting Concepts
  • Understanding the Session Date.

Setting Up Vendors

  • Creating a New Vendor
  • Updating Vendor Information
  • Recording Purchases
  • Entering a COD Purchase
  • Purchasing On Account
  • Creating a Purchase Order
  • Creating a Vendor Quote
  • Modifying a Posted Purchase Order or Quote
  • Creating a Purchase Invoice from a Purchase Order
  • Modifying a Purchase Invoice.

Paying Invoices

  • Paying Vendor Invoices
  • Prepaying for Goods and Services
  • Reversing a Payment
  • Reversing a Prepayment
  • Generating Vendors, Purchases & Payments Reports.

Sales and Account Receivable

Setting Up Customers

  • Creating a New Customer
  • Updating Customer Information.

Recording Sales

  • Entering a Cash Sale
  • Handling Sales On Account
  • Creating a Sales Order
  • Creating a Sales Quote
  • Modifying a Posted Sales Invoice.

Receiving Payment On Account

  • Receiving Payment On Invoices
  • Receiving Deposits From Customers
  • Reversing a Payment From Customers
  • Reversing a Customer Deposit
  • Handling Customer Returns

Writing Off Bad Debts

  • Generating Customers, Sales, and Payment Reports.

Inventory and Accounts

Managing Inventory

  • Adding Inventory Items
  • Adding Service Items
  • Changing Inventory & Service Data
  • Reporting Inventory and Services Levels

Managing Accounts

  • Working with Accounts
  • Adding Accounts
  • Changing and Deleting Accounts
  • Linking Accounts.

Setting Up Bank Accounts and Credit Card Accounts

  • Setting Up For Credit Card Sales
  • Setting Up Bank Accounts
  • Setting Up Credit Card Accounts
  • Setting Up Sales Taxes.

Cash and Miscellaneous Transactions

Handling Miscellaneous Transactions

  • Recording a Miscellaneous Transaction
  • Correcting a Miscellaneous Transaction
  • Reconciling Bank Accounts
  • Reconciling a Bank Account
  • Reconciling Credit Card.

Accounts Paying Bills

  • Paying Credit Card Bills
  • Paying Other Bills
  • Correcting Bill Payments.

Protecting Your Data

  • Checking Data Integrity
  • Backing Up Your Data
  • Restoring Your Data From a Backup

Daily and Monthly Procedures

Daily Business Manager

  • Using the Daily Business Manager
  • Processing Transactions in Daily Business Manager.

Printing Batches

Recurring Transactions

Monthend Processing

  • Generating Customer Statements
  • Analyzing Vendor Purchases
  • Making Inventory Adjustments
  • Printing Financial Statements
  • Enhancing Database Performance
  • Using Checklists.

Setting Up the Company File

  • Using the Setup Wizard
  • Entering Opening Balances
  • Entering Vendors and Purchases History
  • Entering Customers and Sales History
  • Entering Inventory and Services History
  • Entering Employees and Payroll History
  • Finish Entering Historical Data.

Changing Settings

Customizing Simply Accounting

  • Changing Company Information
  • Changing Setup Settings
  • Changing Setup Names
  • Shipment Tracking Option
  • Display Options.

Charging Interest on Overdue Accounts

  • Dealing with Foreign Currency
  • Setting Up Foreign Currency
  • Setting Up A Foreign Currency Bank Account
  • Setting Up A Vendor For Foreign Currency Transactions
  • Setting Up For Sales to Foreign Customers
  • Making Sales Using A Foreign Currency
  • Making Purchases Using A Foreign Currency.

Payroll and Security

  • Setting Up Payroll
  • Setting up Employees
  • Adding New Employees
  • Modifying Employee Records.

Issuing Paycheques

  • Paying Individual Employees
  • Generating a Payroll Cheque Run
  • Paying Advances and Releasing Vacation Pay.

Employee and Payroll Reports
Adding Passwords and Security

  • Accessing the System Administrator Password Settings
  • Adding A User
  • Changing or Deleting a User’s Password
  • Deleting a User
  • Removing Security from the Data File.

Year End Processing

  • Monthly and Quarterly Tax and Other Reporting
  • Generating Calendar Year End Reports
  • Fiscal Year-end Reporting and Accounting
  • Making Prior Year Adjusting Entries Reporting On Business Profitability
  • Using Built-In Reports
  • Using Graphs
  • Modifying Graphs
  • Creating Custom Reports.

Managing Budgets and Projects Budgeting

  • Turning the Budget Option On
  • Creating A Budget
  • Reporting Against the Budget
  • Updating A Budget.

Project Accounting

  • Setting Up Projects
  • Allocating Expenses and Revenues
  • Reporting on Project
  • Perfo

Advantages of learning ACCPAC with NCL Training

  • Our ACCPAC trainers are experienced Accounting professionals with excellent knowledge.
  • It's solutions based: before you come to NCLTraining we agree the course content with you based on your needs.
  • We take the time to work specifically on any files you bring along to the course, ensuring that you see benefits to your workflow immediately.
  • NCL training focusses on real tasks that reflect how the software is used in professional situations.
  • On-site and off-site training is available for the whole Sri Lanka.
  • Free email support service for 3 months after course.
  • We get consistently good feedback from our clients.

Domestice Tuition Information

Mode of Study Full - time
Starting Dates N/A
Awarding Body Nottingham College of London
Award Certificate in ACCPAC

Duration 03 Weeks
Registration Fee Rs. 1000/=
(Group Fee) - (Individual Fee)
Rs. 4,900/= - Rs. 6,800/=

International Tuition Information

Duration 03 Weeks
Registration fee US$ 19/=
(Group fee)   -   (Individual fee)
US$ 60/=  -      US$ 110/=


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